Sword at the Wallace info?

I am looking for any information on this piece from the Wallace Museum.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,
Hi Matthew
A473 in the Wallace Coll. An attractive 2-hander, described in the catalogue as Spanish or German, revised in the supplement to German with spurious Spanish signature - IOANES DE AGIRE - ie Juan de Aguire, one of a notable family of swordsmiths working in Toledo in the 16th century. My own opinion, from studying a number of Spanish 2-handers, is that it is a genuine Spanish sword, from the very slim blade and small neat parrying lugs. The hilt could be Swiss (on an imported blade) but not necessarily. It dates to c.1580 and weighs just under 6 pounds. Hope this helps.
That's great, thank you!

That lead me to this page...

If anyone has a link to a full photo, it would make my day.
Hi Matthew,
Sorry I can't copy the full-length photo from the Wallace's digital catalogue, but I can tell you that the blade, slim and flattened hexagon in section tapers gradually all the way down to quite a sharp point. The blade measures 53ins (135cm); the hilt, button to cross, 16ins; the cross 13.3ins so allowing about half an inch for thickness of the cross the sword is c.69.5ins overall. There may be a full photo out there somewhere but I don't know of one.
It is the right one in this picture: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3526...mp;theater

Cross section is visible here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=352686...permPage=1
Those are great! Thank you both, I'm saving my couch change for a custom spadone/montante, and was looking for examples of what I had in mind. That lead me to the first picture posted, and the more I see of it, the more I think I'd like a reproduction of that specific blade.

It's half an inch shorter than I am! :eek:

wow one in the wallace collection.

you know i don't have a picture in front of me but there is another i know of in Leeds that Neil helped me to identify that also has similar characteristics. if i remember correctly it has a little bit of file work on the parying lugs (but all i have of it is one picture to draw from and i havn't done much tracking in the past few months) it has a lot more ricasso than this example too.

Matthew as i look at this blade, i can see a shallow fuller to maybe a few inches above the lugs. hummm . . . i feel like i want to make a full scale drawing of this one :)

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