Seminars at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
For UK forumites or those that will be in the UK next year. The Royal Armouries Museum at Leeds is holding a number of seminars throughout the first half of 2013. One which members of this website will no doubt be very interested in (though they all sound good) is this one; Up to the Hilt: European Swords and Daggers

From the Armouries website:

Robert Woosnam-Savage - Curator of European Edged Weapons, Royal Armouries

Join our expert guide and handle European swords and daggers specially chosen from the Royal Armouries collections.

The seminar will illustrate the development of the sword and dagger over 3000 years and the dilemma between creating weapons for cut or thrust, or both.

Come to grips with important and unique weapons from the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages as well as later rapiers, basket-hilts and small-swords.

You will also handle hunting and military swords and have the rare chance to examine original major fencing manuals.

I've actually attended this seminar myself when it was held a couple of years ago and I can thoroughly recommend it. The chance to handle period original pieces is amazing and doesn't come around very often. In fact I'm even tempted to go again, but places are limited! The swords that were produced for us to handle were all of wonderful quality, including several significant pieces such as the Type XIX from the Alexandria Arsenal (XIX.7 from Records of the Medieval Sword pg 204) and the Guttman Pompeii type gladius. So don't worry that you won't be allowed to get your hands on the good stuff (though of course I have no idea whether those particular pieces will be available when the seminar runs). Its also a good opportunity to discuss the subject with experts and like minds. Robert Woosnam-Savage is a highly entertaining and knowledgable host.

So if you are based in the UK or will be visiting early next year then give the Royal Armouries website a look. Tickets are 30.00 (thats around $47.80 or 37.12) which is not bad for a day emersed in a world of original swords, knives and daggers.
Hi David,

That looks like the perfect Saturday for any of us.

Not sure if I'll be able to attend at this point, and that's too bad. In any case this deserves a bump to top.


That sounds like a bargain at 30 pounds. And Bob is a very entertaining guy - he really doesn't fit the typical "curator" mould (among other things, having a tendency to wear shorts and jandals until the snow piles up!). I've had the privilege to see the reserve rooms, and if you get to see them that is worth the price itself.

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