A sword by William Lloyd and KC Lund
Hello Everyone,
My name is Steve, I am new to this forum, so hello, Unfortunately, all I have to offer is this… I bring an horrific, unbelievable, yet true story.
10 years ago I had this idea that gave form to a vision. A sword like no other. Not just 1 but a set. Sword and dagger. (I know, not that unique. But it’s all in the detail) Combat quality craftsmanship with the elegance, nobility, and presents. So I slowly started collecting the pieces necessary to make this masterpiece. Once the pieces were gathered, the creation took 3 years in the making. This sword would require 2 Master to construct. KC Lund a master blacksmith made the blades. 3 bars of 180 fold hardened Damascus steel formed the 2 blades of this matched set. Master Carver William Lloyd of Lloyd Studious hand carved the hilt out of 80 million year old Mammoth Ivory tusks. In the Hilt he set Precious gemstones that I spent the last 10 years collecting. Aquamarine, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, topaz, etc… all handpicked, flawless, and matched. On both pieces, carved my family crest on one side and the tree of life on the other guarded by dragons. The dragons each held large checkerboard cut blue topaz in their mouth. The centerpieces of the set, uniquely held by talons, a 221ct. flawless London blue Topaz set in the pommel of the dagger and a 386ct. flawless London blue Topaz set in the pommel of the Sword. The sizes of these gems are truly difficult to imagine. But needless, a true master piece.. see…

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Wow, that's quite a personal investment. Very nice looking sword. So, I am curious; how does one go about procuring Mammoth tusk? :)

As far as them being 80 million years old, I am pretty sure that mammoths did not exist 80 million years ago. They eisted during the Pliocene period from around 4.8 million to 4,500 years ago.

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really old mammouths...
Hey Steve, how old were those mammouths????
Sorry, I was interrupted and did not get an opportunity to finish.. there is more.. unfortunately

The set was only recently finished and set to be displayed and entered into this year’s national blade and cutlery show in Atlanta.. May 1st was the first time I actually held both pieces in my hands.. on May 12th I shipped them back to Lloyd for him to enter in the blade show. I shipped them UPS to Arrive by Friday May 15th giving Lloyd plenty of time to polish the piece for display in the show.
Friday the Shipment did not Arrive… Saturday, the Shipment did not arrive… Sunday I checked the UPS tracking Number to check on delivery, it Showed deliver Saturday at 1:30… the shipping place closed at 12:30… Panic sets in!!!! after a sleepless Sunday night, I find out that the UPS driver delivered the package to the neighboring shop (a Kite Boarding Store). And then place a note on the door saying he had delivered it next door. (and Yes for all of you who are wondering, the Package was insured for a rather large amount! However that seem to have made no difference in the way they go about doing things)
Apparently Saturday, some old lady walked into the Kite store with the note off the door that the UPS driver put on the previous day, and said “you have a package for me” handing them the note. The helpful employees, being good standing citizens, help the old lady load this package into her car, and never once asked her for ID!.. The sword was locked in a Black power Flight Proof gun case. So it would take some doing to get into to.. but a set of good bolt cutters and a little effort and they would be in. she drove off Sunday and that is where the story ends as of yet.
Sense then Police reports have been filed, but that has lead no were as of yet. William Lloyd met with the newspaper yesterday and they plan on running a story on it in their local paper Saturday. I check E-bay and creg's list nightly… my only hope of recovery at this point is when they try and sell it.. so I want to get it out to everyone in hopes they might recognize it and the culprit can be caught and my vision returned to me. This is a close up of the dagger.
Steve Newman

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Here are some more detailed Pictures of the Sword...

to answer the questions.. the Mammoth Ivory was Purchased at the Tucson National Gem show. it actually came from Russia, Siberia.

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Oh wow, that seriously sucks.

Anything worth more than a couple bucks seriously needs some kind of signature confirmation at delivery... Though nowadays, even that means diddley.

Good luck, man. At the very least, this is an incredibly unique piece. Spread the word on every blade-related forum you can find. It'll show up.
My god! That truely sounds like it SUCKS HEAPS!
I can only wish and hpe that they're returned to you soon.
May the gods help you.
And keep us informed on the situation.
BTW: Sweet looking sword. Should be in a museam.
Fantastic looking weapons! These are trully work of art, and it is extremely unfortunate that such things happened to them and I hope you recover them soon.

As for mammoths though - I have to agree, 80 million years ago it is Cretaceous period, so ways before mammoths make first apperiance in the world.
That really sucks about the shipping problem. I hope that's resolved soon in your favor.
That's some truly remarkable mammoth ivory that was used. It appears in very good shape. I have a basket hilt coming soon that has a walrus ivory hilt. Ivory is a beautiful material, thankfully it's very easy to come by where I live (I'm three blocks from a warehouse of the stuff).
Your blade will age beautifully. Truly a work of art.
Can you contact me. I would like to pursue locating this sword. I am a long time Lloyd collector.
Has there been any follow up on this case?
Just seeing this thread now again has made me curious as to if it was ever resolved...
I remember reading about this over at SFI.

Still one of the worst things I've ever heard of.

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