Show Us Your Longswords
Here we go again! This thread is to show off longswords. While not everyone agrees with any one definition, I like to think of them as longer blades with good thrusting ability. While they can be used one-handed with some effect, they excel at two-handed use.

In Oakeshott terms, these will most likely be things like XVa, XVIa, XVII, XVIIIa/b/c/d and maybe some XIXs and XXs.

Here are mine (current or former):

Albion Regent:
[ Linked Image ]

Albion Sempach:
[ Linked Image ]

MRL Towton (used to own):
[ Linked Image ]
Well, at the risk of seeming redundant, here is my Del Tin 5157 with a couple of other types. I suppose my Black -prince fits as well.

So, here is the 5157 with a XIIIa and a XIIa which some will argue as longswords as well but if I get the gist of this thread it is in regard to longer and sleeker swords.

Also shown here with some brawny bastards and a bruiser. Oh wait, isn't the 5157 labeled as a bastard as well ?8^)~



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Albion Sempach with scabbard by Rex Metclaf of Blue Star Design.

[ Linked Image ]
Couldn't resist, I love longswords :)
My trusty Albion Liechtenauer with custom leather grip by a fellow bruder. And Messer because messers are always relevant.

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Here's my Albion Munich. I apologize for the poor image quality.

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

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I have to say that Chad started this thread with two of the finest long swords available on the market today. As for me, here's an old photo of my Sempach. The lens flare is natural, not Photoshopped.

[ Linked Image ]
My Bresciawatch In all it's glory! Not bad for a moat sale blade!

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Albion Fiore with red grip and wire wrap and an AT1592 dolled up with Durer inspired furniture from Tried & True.

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Made by Pavel Marek of

Here is a South German longsword created by E. B. Erickson that is based off of several examples from the Wallace Collection:

[ Linked Image ] [ Linked Image ]

Click photos for full-sized versions and more information
Here is a custom version of the "German Bastard Sword" from Arms & Armor. Despite being called a bastard sword, it's really too large to be effectively used one-handed and so I believe a better term for it is longsword.

[ Linked Image ] [ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ] [ Linked Image ]

Click photos for full-sized versions and more information
Does this thread need some loving? :D

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