Scabbard for bastard sword
Howdy folks,
Finished this last weekend and figured I should show it off! I am very pleased with the way it turned out. The core is poplar, two piece (chiseled out recess for the sword - this is the second scabbard I made this way, and the next will definitely be a three piece construction!) with veg tanned leather (3-4 oz - heavier than I wanted but it worked well nonetheless). I wasn't very happy with the dye I used - it was Eco-Flo Bison Brown IIRC, and it just didn't seem to cover well - I tried it while the leather was wet and dry and had the same problem. Perhaps it had gotten some grease/oils from my fingers on it, but I'd never had the issue with Fiebings before (or even the other Eco-Flo I used, which was fairly thick, almost like acrylic paint, but stained very nicely - this one was very watery, like ink). I do find that the uneven dye-job matches the rustic feel of the hilt furniture but I was still somewhat disappointed. Conversely, the green I used for the suspension was exactly the same type of Eco-Flo dye, and it performed admirably, and I love the color even more now I have oiled it. I'm considering abandoning the bare-oak grip and covering it with green leather, now. The straps are stamped, my first time attempting a decorated strap and I did make a mistake - I stamped the leather and then tried the knot while it was still wet, and all the pulling and smearing to even out the knot removed or skewed a lot of the stamping, which I then attempted to fix as best I could while it was on the scabbard. Next time, I will either leave that portion blank for the knot or do the stamping, allow it to dry, then oil the leather and tie it. The chape was left over from the original scabbard for this sword, coal-fired to match the hilt furniture.

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I have to admit that despite the rather tedious chiseling of the wood core, and a bit of fiddling trying to remember how to wrap and stitch the leather without messing it up (only done it before with much lighter and easier to sew clothing/upholstry leather), this has been a tremendously enjoyable process and I look forward to next months project, a new scabbard for my viking sword. I need to buy more swords so I can make more scabbards. I should have enough of a side left over for a targe, as well!

Comments always welcome,
i don't think the unevenness of the brown detracts from the over all look very much at all. it has a little bit of an aged look which fits with the patina of your pummel and guard. i also like the grip the way it is, maybe that's just because i'm a sucker for wood grips.

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