what is this
can anybody tell me what this is...is it old? does it have any value or is it just junk..On the engraving there are 2 words..I can make out one of them & it says Spain.

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Its a wallhanger/decorator piece made in the last 40 years or so. The same company still makes them today.
Hi Robert

If you Google El Cid Colada sword, you will see a great many varieties on the theme. They have been made way back at least to the 1950s and used to be sold through magazines and comic books, along with tourists bringing back more. There is also an El Cid Tizona sword that alos has been remade endless times over the decades. Some are decorated, others not.


The spain is possibly "Espadas de Toledo", or "Swords of Toledo" in Spain. That's a style of sword they made around 20 years ago, though I'm not sure about any earlier.
Just saw one at a swap meet for far more than I'd buy it for. Not much use for them except for decoration.

That said, there are way worse wallhangers out there, haha! I wouldn't say it's junk, they are more attractive than %99 of the wallhangers out there. If you don't believe me go to one of those exotic imports type stores in the mall or a large pawn shop.
Amen to the 'pawn shop wallhangers'.....I've seen some real doozies in my time. However.....It's been my experience over the years that some of the old Toledo swords are actually made from some really good, springy steel. I've taken several and cut them down into smaller blades (daggers, sghian dubhs, dirks) and rehilted them. Sadly, I never took many pics, but most came out quite nice and very useable. Sorry...don't mean to start a new thread...just my two coppers....best, ...mcm.

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