Altering Chainmail
Hi guys, New poster so be nice ;)

I have a query about how to alter chain mail. I recently bought my first chain mail shirt , and whilst the length, width and arm sizes are fantastic, the first time I slipped my head in I got somewhat stuck. :\

15KG of chain mail is NOT easy to remove when it wont go over your face ...... :blush:

It is constructed in the 4 through the 5th style, and with 10mm links, and im wondering do I just cut the links I don't need with wire cutters? is there a specific method to use?

Don't really want to watch the whole thing unravel comedy style in front of me because I've done the wrong thing lol

I've looked through the multitude of webpages and scanned YouTube but not found anything useful so far

Thanks for any help given guys, much appreciated :D
if it is a butted mail shirt (no rivets) just use needle nose or bull pliers to open the links and take them off. if it is riveted, use aviator snips (craftsman makes good ones) to cut the links. Just make sure they're the ones you want to remove
Its Butted Tom, Its just a cheaper shirt as getting into the hobby really.

So to remove them i just need to cut away the ones I don't want? seems to easy lol.

The structure wont degrade or come undone by removing the wrong links for example?
widening the neck won't harm the integrity of the mail shirt. if you have some pliers lying around, just remove the links. That way if you ever get a hole in the shirt you have a small supply of pre-made links for repairs
Thanks Tom, Ill have a go once im home :D

Kind Regards :)
Check out the art of chainmail. They have quite a few tutorials on weaves and should give you an idea of how to go in reverse. I linked to their European weave index. Hope that helps! :D

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