Maintaining a Sword Pommel
Ok, so I ran the search function and got the phonebook, so my apologies since in all likelihood this is a redundant post. The pommel on my new A&A 12th Century Sword is already beginning to.... I dunno the correct word, tarnish? What's the best way to get the pommel back to a nice bright finish?

I know a lot of folks like the natural tendency of sword pommels and hilts to darken over time (and I'm not sure I don't) thus adding character, but if I chose to I'd like to know how to get the pommel back to a bright finish.

And as an aside, I found this article on myArmoury:

But it doesn't mention pommels specifically.
I like this stuff.
I recently put up this article:
Thanks Josh, and great article Roger.

With regard to pommels like the one I have without rust, just some discoloration, what is the best method to use? Circular or up and down? Should I use a fine grit sandpaper or just a cloth with some polish?
Up and down or circular doesn't really matter as much if you use something very fine to polish it. It does on the blade and larger parts like a basket on a sabre though, where long strokes give better results.

With your pommel and roughter tools I would go lengthwise on the "thinner" sides, towards the middle of the flat on the sloping sides and possibly a circular motion on the flats.

Steel wool is nice for final polish and Autosol works wonders, really. There are for sure other products that do the same, but it works for me and it is quite cheap. :)
Using the metal glow, i just use an old wash cloth, and follow the grain of the metal.

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