Scabbard under maille
Besides the Bayeux Tapestry, are there any other sources for the scabbard being worn under the maille? I've been looking, but haven't found one yet. Most earlier depictions as well as most 12tth C depictions seem to show the scabbard on the outside with various suspension schemes.
Abput a quarter of the way down above (K)
Len Parker wrote:
Abput a quarter of the way down above (K)

Thank you! So thats atleast one other. Still, many of the images there seem to indicate a belt/suspension worn outside. I wonder if it was a fashion thing, like it was in for a decade or two, then went back out?
I thought I'd revive this topic since it was being discussed elsewhere.

(from the other thread)
[ Linked Image ]

So does anyone have any theories why this seems to be popular in the 11th C? It seems like it would put all the weight of the Hauberk entirely on the shoulders, and I don't seem what advantage it would offer.

Anyone have any experience with a personal Hauberk they have done this to?
Maybe it was meant to protect a very ornate expensive scabbard? Just guessing though.
Seems like an ornate and expensive scabbard might get scratched up under the mail. Considering most of the mail examples are short-sleeved, and reach to the mid-thigh at most, I don't think weight on the shoulders is really an issue. We can only speculate if the scabbard is suspended from a baldric, waist belt, or some method of lacing it to the mail. I suppose it might help keeping a baldric suspended weapon in place.

Another example from the Abbey St. Pierre, Mozac.
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]

And more examples

The previously linked St. Swithun Psalter image
Being a bit simplistic? My first thought is that it would keep the damn scabbard from flopping all over the place in the middle of a fight. A plus for survival :).

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