Wanted: ATrim Longsword
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Looking for a Atrim basic longsword. I don't want anything with Christian Fletcher modifications or any modifications done by Gus's various vendors over the years. I'm going to be using this one purely for cutting so I don't need anything fancy.

I'm not looking for a specific model but will consider any of his Type XIIIa or XVIIIa, b c etc Longswords. I might consider another style as long as it is a hand and a half and cuts well. Used to love the old Mercenary that he used to do, so the few short bladed "bastard" swords with 5 & 6" handles work too.

They don't have to be new as long as they are still in solid condition.

I have the below items for trade. I won't trade all of these items for the Training Blunt since 2 of them are custom. Just PM me to work something out.

I will also consider selling them to someone who is interested. Again, PM me.

Todís Stuff Custom 16th Century Rondel w/Scabbard
Overall length: 17.65"
Weight: 14 ounches
Blade: 13" long; .5" wide tapering to .36"
Hilt length: 4.55"

I don't have a pic of the scabbard but it is plain black leather, has a metal band at the throat with a ring for hanging and a chape that has writhern style ball at its tip.

A&A Custom German Fleur-de-lis Dagger
Overall length: 19.75"
Weight: 10 ounches
Blade: 14.75" long; .8" wide tapering to .30"
Hilt length: 4.75"

The pics don't show it well but the handle is Purple Heart Wood and really has a nice purple color to it in the sunlight.

A&A War Hammer
Overall length: 28.5"
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Width of head: 6" From Hammer to Spike
Top spike: 3" long
Back spike: 2.15" long

Standard A&A Warhammer in perfect condition.

Again, I would be willing to sell the above items if someone is interested or trade for an Atrim. Just send me a PM and we can work something out.


This listing has been marked as FOUND

I was going to offer the attached items (pics) for trade but for various reasons I can not do that any more and I can't figure out how to remove them from the thread. Please ignore them.

I am looking to purchase the sword with cash.

Sorry for the confusion.


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