Tulwar Identification
I picked up an Indian tulwar at an antique shop today for about $50. The man at the shop put it's date at around 1830. I wouldn't have picked it up but for the price and I'm wondering if it's authentic.

The blade geometry seems okay, it's peened, has a point of balance typical of a small saber and otherwise appears to be a "real" sword. The hilt appears to be the same metal as the blade and is decorated with rough scratchings. The workmanship is somewhat crude. The blade looks like it was either polished roughly at some point or was never had a patina in the first place. It's shiny in spots but still had some active rust that had to be wiped off.

Unfortunately I do not have access to a camera at the moment. There's markings on the bottom of the pommel, the center of the grip, and the blade. They all appear to be stamped. I made a picture of the symbol stamped into the blade and it is attached below. I also found a dealer with a sword similar to mine, which can be seen here. Swords of this type don't appear to particularly valuable either,so I guess the price adds up.

I know it's difficult without pictures, but do you think I picked up something authentic?

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Could it possibly be EIC for East India Company?
Jonathan Hopkins wrote:
Could it possibly be EIC for East India Company?

The F is possibly an E, it's pretty ambiguous. The stamp on the hilt definitely contains an E and three Cs, but it's too worn to make out much more than that.

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