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For Sale - Ron Macy cable Wakizashi in deluxe finish.

Selling a Ron Macy cable Wakizashi in deluxe finish.

Below is a brief desription for those who don't know about the artisan behind this heroic shaped blade that was forged to be intiminating in appearance and a strong cutter!!!

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On Nov. 14, 2008, we at Dragonfly Forge were proud and honored to award to Ron Macy a Certificate of Mastery for his many accomplishments in the arts of the Japanese sword. Although Michael Bell has taught many students over the years, Ron is the first to spend the traditional five year minimum apprenticeship. In addition to his certificate Ron is now entitled to use the character Tombo as well as the art name Kuniyoshi as his signature. Michael met Ron in the 90ís and admired his fine craftsmanship and artistic sense in flint knapping and other so-called primitive skills. He joined Michael as an apprentice in 2000 and although family responsibilities sometimes interrupted his studies, he always remained focused and diligent. Ron is now an independent swordsmith but will always remain a part of the Dragonfly Forge family.

Now the Wakizashi specs from Mr.Ron Macy.

Cable Wakizashi in deluxe yasuremi, full signature and date.

Nagasa is 16 7/8"
Nakago 5 3/8
Width at machi is 1 5/16" and 3/16" thick on the mune
Width is 15/16" at the yokote
Kissaki is 2 3/8"

Selling for $850 obo with free postage within the US

Now the oohlala pictures...

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