Wanted: Bob Anderson Rapier
I was surfing sword sites last night and came across a Bob Anderson signature rapier on the Leon Paul website. Does anyone know anything about this? Who makes it? It looks like it might be Windlass or Cold Steel making it exclusively for Leon Paul, but I'm not sure. I'd welcome anyone's thoughts on this.
Here's the link to the page.



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They didn't have any good full length pictures or any pictures of the blade, but it looks like an epee blade.
Since this seems to be a special edition, your best bet might be to contact the store and just ask.
This blade might get a bit more prominence in the next weeks - depending on the delivery time - due to Mr. Andersons recent death but not many people own it at this point in time so it's quite hard to find something conclusive. At least that's my guess.

I really like the video given with the sword on the website, that anecdote by Viggo Mortensen is amazing.
I have the Windlass version of that. I have been thinking of selling it for $125 which is what I paid for it. Mine is used and has some light scratching on the pommel but is in otherwise great shape as is the scabbard.
Bob Anderson rapier
Thanks for the info guys. I have contacted Leon Paul about it but haven't heard anything back yet. Tim, the main reason I'd be interested in this item from LP is the fact that it's the Bob Anderson "signature" rapier. I have a few rapiers and really don't need another one, but this one would definitely be special because of the BA connection. Thanks for the offer on your used one though. Thanks again for any and all info!!

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