For Sale: Famous Adventurer uhh...Subhilt Kopis?
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I didn't buy it for the name, or because I'm a huge fan of the movies. I saw something in the cutlery store that they were advertising as an "Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie," and said: "No, that's a kopis - or at least near enough to one " and I bought it. That was over twenty years ago, and I don't even know if you can get these any more.

Not long after I took it home, I was putting it back in the scabbard that the maker supplied and thought, "Hmm. New scabbard. A little sticky, there." No, it wasn't. That stickiness was the needle point of the thing coming out through the side of the scabbard. This thing is sharp!

So I made another scabbard, such that I could wear with ancient Greek kit if I ever chose to do so. Having seen what happens to a conventional scabbard, I decided to design one where that couldn't happen. You'll see that the blade has that brass stiffener along the back. This gives it weight and allows the 420 stainless part to be fairly thin, allowing for a sharp edge without any wierd beveling issues. I built a scabbard with walnut sides, shaped to match the shape of the stiffener, so that the blade would rest on the walnut "ledges" not on the leather, allowing the sharp edge to never touch anything inside the scabbard. Because it would cut it's way out way too soon and I only like to make things once.

However, that would only make it safe until the brass stiffeners were out of the scabbard on the draw. From that point it certainly could cut a conventional scabbard - so I didn't sew it past that point. You'll see in the picture, that the stitching only goes up that far. To sheathe it, just slide the blade in up through the slot, and put the brass on the walnut rails and slide it in.

I decided to do some ornamental stitching on it, so there's a detail picture with the over-and-under showing. That's hand saddle-stitched artificial sinew:

Yes, it has the name "Indiana Jones" at the base of the blade. Nothing I could do about that, though I did buff off the signature from the flat of the blade. I carried this as a camp machete when I was on walkabout in the forest and I can tell you that this thing cuts. Historically accurate or not, I can tell you that that little subhilt there makes for a very fast moulinet.

So there you are. Not absolutely accurate for an ancient impression, but not offensively inaccurate either. Put a baldric on it and it will look OK with an ancient field kit, and it's available for a very decent price.

Oh yeah. I've seen them around the 'net, between memorabilia collectors and such in the $200 range with the orignial scabbard. I'm offering this one for $150, plus shipping and the 3% if you want to use Paypal.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Bugger. I should have said, "or Best Offer" there right after the price. So, "or Best Offer." OK?
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Bump for price drop: Best Offer over $125, plus shipping.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Okay, final drop: $100 plus shipping or I donate it someday.

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