Wisby Originals
Stephan Johansson posted this link http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/start.asp?sm=0_7 and I thought I'd make use of it.
I couldn't find all of them. For larger sizes click (Hamta:) Miniatyrbild / Liten / Medel / Stor, below the image.
1. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536661
2. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536662
4. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536664
6. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536678
7. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536681
8. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536682
10. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536687
11. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=536688
12. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540921
13. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540770
15. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540777
16. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540781
17. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540788
18. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540795
19. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540797
21. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=555844
22. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=556215
23. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540827
24. http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=540830
Here are the reproductions for easy comparison http://www.hoashantverk.se/hantverk/hoas_rustningar/index.html
Thanks, Len, for posting these photos. They are absolutely brilliant.
You're welcome Neil. Some of these wisbys can be confusing as far as which way they overlap and how much. Studying the originals can be helpful.
For example, I found a pattern for wisby 21 on tforum http://www.tforum.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=12670 and the looking at the original can help give you an idea of how much you can overlap by the cracked plate in the front.
[ Linked Image ]

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