UK Crossbow Clubs?

Does Anyone know of any UK clubs which accept medieval replica crossbows? Of all the research I have done I can find very few crossbow clubs at all, and there seem to be upper draw limits of around 90lb, far less than any medieval examples. There are no doubt further issues still which prevent them from being used, ammunition specifications and lack of safety catch etc. Most archery clubs do not accept crossbows, and those that do often impose rules restricting anything resembling a real crossbow.

Is there anywhere at all which aims to promote the shooting of the medieval military crossbow? I am aware of and will hopefully shortly be a member of the English warbow society. Is there no crossbow equivalent? I strongly suspect not, in which case is there anywhere you can shoot them?

For any proper crossbow owners, where do you shoot your bows?and what distances? I would be looking at maybe buying a relatively light example, but what about those which need a windlass or cranequin to span? Surely the occasional use at an event would not satisy a user who has spent in excess of 1000 to buy their mega powerful crossbow? I know I wouldn't be. This whole thing is really frustrating!!! please help

Welcome to the site Alex.

Unfortunately I can't help you out directly about places to shoot your crossbow (Unless you want to make a little trek across the pond to Arizona). But as a fellow crossbow guy I had to say hi and if you have other crossbow type question I'll be willing to give them a go. The Arbalist guild has a couple of members who are from UK and shoot high powered custom crossbows. They may be able to answer your question. As well as help you out if you want to build one yourself.
Thank you very much for that, looks like an interesting site :)

It may well be worth contacting the English Warbow Society ( Although their primary focus is the (long) bow, they may well be receptive to other military-type spanned weapons.

As long as you are competent (safe) with the weapon they should have little problem with you shooting alongside them. Certainly, the use of military bolts shouldn't be a problem since most EWBS archers use military arrows exclusively.

An EWBS shoot typically consists of more traditional disciplines: clout, roving marks or flight shooting; with occasional popinjays or butt shoots. If you are shooting a crossbow below about 500lb draw-weight, you should be able to compete with warbow archers on a more-or-less equal footing.

EWBS members are based all over the UK (and around the world) so you should be able to find someone near you.
Thanks for the reply.

I shoot a light warbow at the moment, and really that is my first interest, so I've been meaning to join the society for a while now. A yew warbow is above a crossbow on my wish list at the moment :) But I had in mind a crossbow spanned by a goats foot or belt hook, so it would definitely be below 500lbs. I can't imagine that would be able to outrange a warbow. Sadly I have no experience to support that.

This is all hypothetical at the moment because I'm not old enough to buy one. Thank you very much though, it never crossed my mind that they would accept crossbows even though now i think about it it seems the most obvious solution. I will be sure to ask when i get round to joining :)
I shoot a light warbow at the moment,

By this I presume you mean a medieval profile, compass bow?

This is just my definition, but if a bow cannot throw a 2 1/4oz (65g) arrow at least 220 yards then it shouldn't be classified as a 'bow or war' ('warbow')

That means, a 'light' warbow starts at around 100lbs draw-weight (give or take, depending on the quality of the wood and the archer!) :)

These days, I'm less interested in what draw-weight you can pull, and more interested in the distance you can shoot a military arrow...

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