I made friends with JT last year and I got to visit his workshop. He's worth knowing--a superb craftsman, and I've been lucky to know a few--and a thoughtful, interesting man in every way. Of course, I don't mind that he likes my books...

I really wanted to commission something, and yet I'm not a rich, famous author (yet) and I wanted to order the "right" thing.

Then, this year, the battle of Marathon was 'on" (we spent three years putting it together) and I needed a blade. I asked JT. He made this....

[ Linked Image ]

here it is a couple of days after Marathon, with my other favorite material culture item form that event...

[ Linked Image ]

I got to wear it every minute for five days. It cuts whatever it is asked to cut, from firewood to meat. All the Persians were friends, so I didn't use it on them...

This picture is available elsewhere on this site, but you can see how I wore it...
[ Linked Image ]

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Great stuff, and nice to see someone do Marathon etc. on that scale!

Not my favorite period or place in any case, but it's seriously under represented in reenacting.

Hi Christian!

Just noticed this tread while browsing here in the forum.

I do not know if I am allowed to "open my mouth" in this sector of the forum at all, but here is the essential technical data of the sword in question anyway:

Overall length: 50,5cm
Blade lenght: 37,3cm
Width of the blade: 5,3 / 5,5cm
Weight: 0,850kg
Point of balance from the guard: 6,2cm


ps. "proof reading" almost done!
... broadsword, big broadsword, bigger broadsword, EVEN bigger broadsword ... KOPIS !
Yes ! Not that I'm complaining about or getting a big jaded with seeing our favorite sword
makers showing off their work ... But for me it is always a more genuine thrill, relatively
speaking, when I see something from a different era and style of blade represented. A
very very attractive piece !
The Kopis is one of my favorite sword types of all time. This one looks very true to form and is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at. It also goes very well with that stunning kit, though a Xifos would also have done very nicely.
How does your helmet fit? Looks like it nearly blocks your eyes to me :P

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