Figuring out the perfect sword
I am new to weapons and armor. I'm trying to figure out the perfect sword for me, and would love some assistance. The sword can be one or two edged, but preferably single edged. It should be able to be dual wielded, but have a longer handle, in case on gets dropped, or I think two handing it would be more effective in a given situation. It would have to be light but strong, and flexible to avoid breaking under stress. It would have to be able to move quickly, so nothing to bulky, in case that wasn't too clear haha. And there should be a guard of some kind, preferably just the plain old sticking out both ways guard. I know this is pretty general, and I'm hoping I will be able to spot the right sword when I see it. Any and all assistance is welcome.
Hey Brendan,

I think the most important thing you are missing is your intent. Is your purpose to buy a decoration? To practice a martial art? To participate in a re-enactment or historical living? Your purpose is the most important question. It narrows down your search a lot.

I'm trying to figure out the perfect sword for me

In my opinion, you could could purchase every reproduction sword ever made and handle every remaining original and never find this... Not to say buying every reproduction sword ever made would not be fun :p

It would have to be able to move quickly

This is almost every sword; how quickly and how is must be handled are different. Chances are if a reproduction does not handle well, it is not representing the originals well.

Without knowing your purpose and intent helping you is not possible...

P.S. You probably should have posted this in the "Off-topic" forum.
You could almost go for a lange messer, as they can be as long as a longsword, single edged and with a long enough grip for two hands, plus having a cross guard and/or knuckle guard or failing that look into bastard swords or Asian styled swords?
Mr. Arndt has it right... your putting the cart before the horse... what style of martial art do you study? What's your intent? Until you can answer those questions its like asking... I am new to modes of transportation... which vehicle do you recommend bicycle, motorcycle, car, plane, helicopter? The right answer for you might be a messer, a type XIII, a machete, a rapier, a smallsword or a hanger or cutlass... or maybe a katana, shashka, krabela or a jian or perhaps a kris or a hunga munga or a bolo... there are literally thousands of different types of swords out there with many different ways of using them.... find a style of using the sword... then find the sword that works for that style. Unless your looking for something to match your collection of books or something that would look good above a fireplace with your H&H rifle.
Here's a start...get a piece of wood rod that is say 50 inches long and mark it with a 38 inch "blade" and 12 inches of "hilt". Don't worry about balance for now. Swing that around and see if you like the length of it. If not, start trimming things down until you find the length you like. Now, add weight by taping metal washers to the bottom of the sword until you find the balance you like and measure the point of balance. Get the sword that is closest to that and you should have a general first sword that fits you well.

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