New Rapier...
This is my second go at a rapier hilt. No specific historical model, but I wanted to take a run at the compound curves of the outer guard. Some hot bending, some cold bending, lots and lots of re-bending to get things just right. In the photos its mounted on a 35" Zen Warrior practice rapier blade that I pulled off another sword. If you're interested in buying this I will mount it with a new Hanwei practice or sharp rapier blade (or really any other blade your heart desires). I did take some process shots which I can post if anyone is interested. This isn't up on my website yet, but with a Hanwei practice blade it would be $500 + shipping. Drop me an email or PM if it catches your fancy. If you buy it together with one of the rapier hangers on my For Sale page, i'll take $40 off the price of the hanger.

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I like the lines, it looks very well made... How much does it weigh?

The only critcism I would have is that the cross looks a bit thick
Most origional rapiers I have been able to handle have outright suprised me at just how delicate their guards can be. Just enough metal in the right places to do the job. Though for every delicate one there are plenty of more robust ones out there. So I would say that it is a personal choice.

here is a pic to show what I mean on a similar style origional...;pos=13

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Hi Christopher, thanks for your comments. I couldn't get the link you posted to work, but I understand what you are talking about. A lot of originals are amazingly delicate. Its challenging to get the right balance and proportions, but its certainly a quality I aspire to. Practice practice.....

With this blade the rapier weighs in at almost exactly 2 lbs. Like 1.95 or so. The PoB is 3.75 inches in front of the quillons.
I tried adding the photo, hopefully that works. I really like where you are going in your work. 2lb is really nice.

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