King Henry V sword - quick question
This will be a quick and easy one.

I have read that the cross guard and pommel of the sword of King Henry V (as it is today) is gilded. However, modern reproductions come in both steel and bronze. What material is the original cross and pommel made of - what material is under the gilding?

Also, does anyone have a color picture of this sword?
If memory serves
Hello Eric

If my memory serves I believe the hilt components are iron.

I have seen a color pic but I do not remember where it maybe one I took or from a book. I will see if I can find it.

Scroll down on this page for a color picture of the sword. Great page all around.

All credit to the page publisher.



I'd just post the picture but that's leaving too much out of the source
Oakeshott, in Records says, "The pommel and cross of iron are quite heavily corroded underneath the light gilding which seems to have been added to it at the time of Henry V's funeral in 1422." (page 172)

Thank you.


This pic (and as you said, the whole page in general) is great. Thanks much.


In light of the info that Roger provided, I would say that your memory serves you very well. =) Do you have a pic other than the one that Glen provided? If so then I hope your memory also serves you to help you find that book.


In the link that Glen provided the grip looks like wood with no leather over it. Am I right?

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