1095 Shinogi-Zukuri Katana

This is a katana that I forged out a few years ago, and had originally planned on keeping for myself. With my current assignments with the Army, I won't have time to work much on very many projects in the close future.

I am offering this blade at a discount and it is ready to ship as is. The blade is currently in a 240 grit grinder finish, and ready for foundation stone work.

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Specs are as follows:

Blade Length: 27.63"
Width @ Shoulders: 1.23"
Width @ Point: 0.93"
Thickness @ Shoulders: 0.30"
Thickness @ Points: 0.182"

Price: $1520 *SALE PRICE* $1000

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W1 Shobu-Zukuri Tanto

This is a tanto that I am relisted (also a blade I had intended to keep for myself at one point). The blade is forged from my usual W1 round bar and fully heat-treated by myself in the traditional manner. The blade is currently in a binsui-do stone finish. The included copper habaki was also traditionally made by myself.

Nagasa: 10.75"
Thickness at machi: 0.25"
Width at machi: 1.125"
Hamon: Gunome Notare

Price: $814 *SALE PRICE* $530

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