For Sale: Replica Hod Hill Sword $100 + shipping
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I'm offering a replica of the Hod Hill Sword for $100, plus shipping. Here's an ad for the same sword at a British website, that shows some nice pictures:

...except they want 140.00 for it, (about $228 today) plus shipping (which from the UK is horrific).

What's the catch? I bought it as a project sword. It is built by the Al Hamdd Trading Company for the Roman reenactor market. I consider it to be blade-heavy. It was my intent to take it apart and put a fighting quality blade on it - then I'd have a good British early period sword to go with my early-period kit. It was a good idea.

The trouble is, I can't take it apart! I've tried grinding the peen off the end of the tang -no good. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not going to get it to come apart unless I do something so drastic that I may lose the parts in the bargain. This is put together with some almighty kind of epoxy or something in there! It's NOT coming apart!

Besides, I've found another project sword that is more appropriate to the time period that I want to play in, and so I'd rather spend my time on that, then on finishing this which I would likely sell anyway because I'm still not playing Romano-British.

Now, in the efforts to get it apart I have scratched it a bit below the hilt - nothing that shows while it's in the scabbard, and I did a little damage to the ferrule on the blade side. On the other hand...$100 for a good-lookin' wearable sword. Tomorrow I'll take pictures of the little damage I did. Honest, it doesn't show from more than five feet.

Really, this should go fast once the right person sees it - someone who wants a flash sword to go with their Roman or Romano-British kit. I'll try to get those pictures tomorrow, but I'll be checking my emails today. Of course I take Paypal.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Here are those pictures I promised:

As you can see, it's still a perfectly good hanger for someone who just wants that...or a perfectly good project sword for someone who knows how to take this one apart and replace the blade. My plans were to put an Albion Celtic Longsword blade in there, which according to my measurements, will fit in that scabbard.

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