Rough from the Hammer

Anyone have any experiences with Rough from the Hammer to relate? Good/bad/mediocre?

I've read many positive comments on Armour Archive, though I have no personal experience with this maker. I would recommend searching AA or posting your inquiry there.
Dave Rylak is an amazing armorer. I had him make a bascinet based on images from a mid-14th century Romance of Alexander manuscript several years ago that was an incredibly unique project and turned out great - I wish I still had it, or at least some pictures floating around! He is great with communication, gets his work done on time and everyone around the Armour Archive loves the guy. He knows his history, researches well and is a great craftsman. Buy with confidence.

I also have no personal experience with him, but I can't recall ever seeing anything negative posted about his work on AA.
Dave is a great guy, a talented craftsman, and a honest businessman. He really cares about making armor that is both authentic and functional.
I have had dealings with RFH, bought 3-4 dozen helmets halves and several other things. Good quality for the price.

Dave is a great person and for the simple bits or finished quality he is some one I would have no problem ordering from.... in fact I need some parts come to think about it.

He also is well researched and knows a great deal so if you are unsure of something he will be good to help you out.

great guy great stuff
Reliable, honest, on-time, and you get what you order.
Awesome folks, thanks!


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