My Inherited Sword

Im new.

I found this website through google after searching for sword restorations.

I currently have in my possetion an inheritated Sabre. But i dont know much about it.

Can anyone tell me anything about it and if it can be restored sharpened and a new scabbard made?

Thanks in advance


Hi Richard,

Welcome aboard.

I do not know when exactly this is from but from the mid to late 18th century and even into the 1800s, a popular form overall. I have a couple of sabres with the same basic look but one fifty years or more older than the other.

I have missed the last few Hartford shows up here in New England but there was a fellow set up to reproduce and restore scabbards for these. Restoring the sword itself is probably not something to rush into, especially if wanting a sharp to play with. There are modern made swords that can help preserve the old swords from modern play. The grips get pretty fragile but I do have and have used (cut with) period swords that were sound enough.

There is a great conservation article done by Mark McMorrow, now the owner and chief administrator of Sword Forum International. I am posting the Lion Gate link to the article because Lion Gate is a fun site too. :)

Well then, Rob's links dont seem to work but a great site to visit anyway. Here is a link to an ongoing discussion, also with a link to the article.

If there arte any initials, names or numbers on the blade anywhere, it will help more precisely identify it. The little buttress at the juncture of the stirrup hilt makes me think the last part of the 18th century but from where, I could only guess further. If the sword has been in the family for a long time, it is possible that uinformation about your ancestors will better place it in time and origin.


Looks like a hussar cavalry sword of a pretty common European design. I've seen a few considered to be from Poland and some more from Germany and England. If you're looking for a non heirloom fun time sword has a few of the stirrup hilt pattern from an Indian company.
I believe it is an Italian M1833 artillery saber.
Jonathan Hopkins wrote:
I believe it is an Italian M1833 artillery saber.

I was just thinking the same thing, Jonathan. Certainly a fine sword to inherit.
sharpening etc will greatly decrease its value and may just damage it a scabbard might be nice but if you find someone restore it and keep it safe great find.
Thanks for all your replies.

I think now ill just keep it as is, and not look to get sharpened etc, based on what you guys are telling me.

I googled to see if i could find something similar and i did :D

Its a shame the scabbard aint with it but i think what ill do is keeping searching ebay etc incase anything comes up.

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