Mid 14th century knightly weapons?
Like from England or western Europe.
Were combat lances of this time just a shaft with a spearhead, or were they more complex?
And what would have been appropriate for a primary mele weapon?

If you are able to get a copy of "Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight" by Edge and Paddock (inter-library loan perhaps?), I would recommend reading the chapter on the 14th century. You might also want to peruse pictures from the Romance of Alexander (I don't recall the address, but a quick Google search should turn up the site that contains the entire thing in very hi resolution pictures).

Keep in mind that "the mid 14th century" was a transitional period during a transitional century. There are exceptions to almost every possible statement. I am assuming that you mean about 1340-1360 in your question because that is what I would define as "mid" and because that is the era with which I am most familiar.

In general lances would have had a vamplate of some kind during the period in question. That said, they would be smaller that in the 15th century. If I recall correctly, The Romance of Alexander has some of the clearest depictions of vamplates I have seen. Also, one could use the fact that the English knight at Poitiers shortened their lances to mean that they cut off vamplates, which might trip people up in a tight formation.

As far as primary melee weapons go, swords are an obvious choice (types XIV - XVI depending on the exact date; possibly type XVII, although I personally tend to go with the post 1370 date for these. Falchions are also common in period art). Maces, warhammers, and axes are also common for the mid 14th century. In fact, Edge and Paddock point out that the axe had been viewed as a lower class weapon in the previous centuries but regained popularity with the knightly class during the 14th.

As I said, none of the above statements are hard and fast rules. These statements are simply generalizations.


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