I am clearing out the drawers.
I Have some posh new blades made and so will be offering up some previous work .
2 threads one for blades one for finished seax...
blades first.

4 seax blades.....

from bottom to top :-

W2 wrought 5 and bit inch blade shows hamon (hardening line) price 90

wrought iron 1050 san mai (sandwich construction) based on exact measurements of a seax in the museum of london vaults not sharpend as yet I will sharpen to clients preference. 80

W2 wrought iron 6" blade shows Hamon . 95

little cleaver seax. I think I was thinking "saxon surgeon" when I made this one? high layer damascus . 50

sold on first come first served basis. please email me with enquireys postage at cost on all blades...

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close ups
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