For Sale: Homemade swords albion moat sale blades
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Hello there;

As you all may know albion had a moat sale with a few second hand sword blades.
Well I made five and would like to try to sell two to fund either more projects ( pole arms, swords, warhammers, maces)or finish my kit from Allan over at Merc Tailor.

What I have is a hand and a half with wheel pommel and simple stragiht guard and a crooked hat with a simple spike guard.

The hand and a half has a partial cord grip the grip is made of treated poplar and is a sandwhich type construction. The pommel has been peened on. It cuts great and for a beater sword handles nice in the hand. Ive cut with this many of times without any lossening or damage to the blade or handle.
Id like 250$ or best reasonable offer or trade,

Secondly the crooked hat. Same construction as the hand and a half for grip but has a full hemp cord wrap with wax to keep from fraying. The guard and pommel have been tack welded cause I was originally lanning as usuing this as my cutter. It cuts great and feels good in your hand.
For this Id also like 250 or best reasonable offer.

Now shipping will be priced accordinly to where you live. US buyers only please.

Also note being "moat sale blades" I have no knowledge of quality of the blades its self. These both are tempered hardened and razor sharp. They flex nicely and return to true. But buyer beware if you use them and they snap its your own fault. I wouldnt hesitate using them I have cut numerous melons boxes ect with no ill affect. But like any sharp object be careful. Also these are not ALBION sword they are ALBION second hand blade yes they had rust yes there is some pitting and scratches but they look and function like a old used sword. If your looking for a new shiny or satin finish these are not them. Just making things clear. But to me a sword looks alot nicer with age and patina and these look and act the part.

If youd like pics I got a few of them. But mind you my camera is a cheap twenty dollar digi and dont do the sword justice.
They are nice good swords.

Pm me for a pic and Ill get back to you shortly.

Thank you
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

What Im looking for in trades of partial trades would be.

Mrl gothic flanged mace. One with brass decorations and the small talons on the mace head.
Warhammers or just the heads.
GDFB Pole axe head or halberd head.
Merc tailor armor.
Or whatever you think may strike my fancy
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

PM sent.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Best offer on these
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

how about $200 plus actual shipping

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