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Bauernwehr image gallery
Hi folks,

With all of the fantastic reproduction Bauernwehren on display here recently, I thought it would be a good idea to create an image gallery of historical examples.

I'll post a lot here that have appeared on Hermann Historica over the last seven years ... but please feel free to add more examples!

One of the things I'm struck by is that there is so much to be learned, even from fairly corroded samples - and that there's an incredible diversity under this term.


(PS This thread is dedicated to Tod and all of the pointy goodness he brings to our lives.)

Number 1 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm57...at57_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 1.jpg

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Number 2 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm57...at57_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 2.jpg

No 3 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm54...at54_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 3.jpg

No 4 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm54...at54_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 4.jpg

No 5 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm54...at54_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 5.jpg

No 6 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm54...at54_a.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 6.jpg

No 7 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm52...at52_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 7.jpg

No 8 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm52...at52_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 8.jpg

No 9 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm52...at52_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 9.jpg

No 10 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm52...at52_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 10.jpg

No 11 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm52...at52_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 11.jpg

No 12 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm50...b=A-50.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 12.jpg

No 13 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm50...b=A-50.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 13.jpg

No 14 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm50...b=A-50.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 14.jpg

No 15 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm50...b=A-50.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 15.jpg

No 16 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm48...at48_1.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 16.jpg

Here's a treat ...
No 17 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm49...at49_A.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 17 pt 1.jpg

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HH Bauernwehr 17 pt2.jpg

No 18 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm48...at48_1.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 18.jpg

No 19 - from http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm48...at48_1.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 19.jpg

No 20 - from: http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm48...at48_1.txt

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HH Bauernwehr 20.jpg

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