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I agree, my post was badly worded. I meant similar material only.
The iron hilts looks like they are 3/4 part construction. I think the gold/bronze is casted onto the hilt, not beaten into the groves as you usually would do.

Matt Lukes:
The grips could also be secured with glue or some kind of sticky material. The only hilt I could find a description of is the last one I posted. It is found in a fishing net in Strandefjorden near Nes, N. Aurdal, Oppland, Norway. It only says "leather covered grip". But if there is anything underneath, or if it is only leather i don't know.
I don't think they have used rawhide since it gets really slippery when it gets wet (sweat).

Here is another picture of the one from Vågå church:
[ Linked Image ]

I don't know where the two attached pictures are from or why the grip are so well preserved. It is probably from Sweden and the pictures might be found in the Historiska museets database.
Anyone know anything about them?
They look to good to be true...

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Nils, those are just stunning. Great photos.

Richard, I'm not sure of it's classification, I just thought the pommel looked like a type L to me. As Nils cleared up for me, the "type X" I mentioned was actually a type W. But they are interesting swords for sure.
Utterly amazing! In the Spring of 2008 I wrote, "My question: Are there NO surviving grips from Viking age swords?
And look at the wealth of information people have contributed not to mention the incredible photos!

What a tremendous learning experience!

Thank you again for starting this thread!!
Was your original enquiry related to your making of a Viking age sword?


Re your photo #2;
I think it has to be classed as a type 'L' The pommel seems to be what defines a type L, and this one is so typical.
This example could have been re-used possibly, with a different lower guard.... I don't know,..Just a guess!

Thanks again for All the fantastic photos ! It is hard to say how valuable this thread has been!


You're very welcome. This has been a wonderful education for me.

Well, I don't know if I was specifically planning on making a sword at that time; maybe in a very "maybe someday" way.

I have since purchased a Hanwei Tinker Viking sword and just received a pommel and cross guard I had made for it. My plan was to make a carved walnut grip but now that I've seen the fittings I don't think walnut will look right with them and I'm rethinking my plan. I also have a moat sale blade that I'm trying to ignore until I get the HT Viking remade.

I'd love to see your blade and new hilt you had made!....Maybe on a new thread?

On the thread, "More Gilling -West questions", close by, there are some pics of a hilt I have Nearly finished,....Go to the very end of the thread for pics as the earlier ones are only "work in progress"
I don't tell you this to "impress you with my work"!...but I like these hilts so much I enjoy any conversation regarding them, so if you look at my attempt and call it rubbish, maybe I will learn from it and that is Always good!
I'm sorry my pics came out as attachments,...no clue why!, but that way you don't have to wait for the whole page to load :-)

Please do show us your hilt!...And both blades!

Best wishes,
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