High Quality photos of Albion Swords
I stumbled across the following about a week ago whilst searching for pics of Albion Swords:


High quality photos of nearly every Albion Sword model.

Most of the photos already appear on the Albion Europe website, however these are better quality with awesome detail.

Once you click on each individual photo click on "Action", then view all sizes, then click on original to bring up the highest quality photo.


Those are the photos from Albion Europe. Søren Niedziella really has his stuff together!
Nathan Robinson wrote:
Those are the photos from Albion Europe. Søren Niedziella really has his stuff together!

Nathan, yes they are the photos from the Albion Europe website, however going through them all I would say there is at least 10% that are not shown on the website.

Also they are much larger and show a lot more detail.

Understood. I just wanted to give Søren a nod for his hard work. He's putting out a great work product emphasizing the quality of his product photography.

Browsing, I find myself reminded how much I want a Doge. There's also a Munich sword with a half-wire-wrapped grip and Gothic treatment that is amazing.
Nathan, I agree 100%, Søren has done an amazing job with the photos.

The photos on the main Albion website can't compare to these awesome shots.

They remind me of the awesome photos you take, particularly of the new items on your collection page.

Good looking stuff right there, nice job that takes a bit of time to do
Danny, thanks so much for posting this ... I'm always amazed at how different aspects of a sword's design come out through seeing different photos. Now if they'd only go through these and name them all!
The doge with the blackened fittings looks amazing, very tempting.
What a great set of photos really shows off that Albion style and finesse.
Arrghhhh.... that is much too early ;-) I was going to (and still will) organize them over the next weeks and would have announced it early next year :-) But thanks for the kind words :-D

I don't believe you, it's very easy to set privacy permissions on Flickr. Must be some sort of very modest ad campaign, just setting up beautiful photos of products and waiting for people to stumble upon them. Which is very much in contrast with all other advertisement! :lol:

Beautiful photos, they really show a lot of swords in a completely new way. Would you be willing to show your setup? I would guess it's some sort of large lightbox?
Hi Blaz,

Or just a user who is very new to Flickr ;-) I honestly thought I had more time to finish the text & naming at the time - and didn't even think about privacy settings ... But of course the pictures are out there to do PR for the swords :-)
I use a professional photographer - which has cost a small fortune so far - but the swords and results are worth it :-)


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