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Hi. The original topic here describes this contest and includes this:

I've taken my own money and put it towards something worthwhile. The idea is to get some immediate cash into a respected maker's bank account, to give the generous contributors to this site more chances to win big prizes, to encourage some more donations to pay for this site's expenses, and to create a new customer opportunity for the maker.

It's a win-win-win situation for everybody but me personally. But hey, in a way, I still win if the site can pay for itself, the community stays strong, and the makers that feed the community stay financially viable.

So this is me putting my money where my mouth is. It's me throwing down the gauntlet. If you want a turn, contact me privately and we'll do the same with another maker.

I've had only one person explicitly step up and contact me with some ideas to pay it forward. I also have a tiny bit of cash left over from the donation drive where Jean Thibodeau funded an associated contest. I'll use the extra cash to do the same. If anyone else would like to get involved, hit me up with a message. Such things can happen any time over the course of the year... they don't have to happen immediately. I have several other things queued up on my own in the near future anyway. :)

Just a little " Bump" as we are closing in onto the last week.

$200 is really a good head start in paying for an A&A piece you always wanted. ;) :lol: :cool:

If you are not currently eligible a $10 donation can fix that for you and it helps Nathan in paying for " stuff " for this site.
Another " BUMP " and reminder to join in if not already eligible.

( Not bumping this as often as I did the yearly Donation drive but giving it one every 2 or 3 days ).
Only one more week left and two lucky winners get to win some my hard-earned cash and get to use it on some hard-hitting toys from Arms & Armor.
Only a few days left so this needs another bump, donate $10 if you have not already done so if you wish to participate in the contest, and to repeat, any extra moneys raised during the year between the yearly donation drive give Nathan the cash needed to have more of these contests and a cash reserve to enhance the site.

I can understand that after the successful fund drive there may be some donation exhaustion as people who could donate have already done so, but I mention it again as some may have assumed that the time to donate and qualify for this specific contest was over which a careful reading of the contest rules would tell you that until Monday Nov 1, 2010 at Midnight PST. All participants will be entered into a drawing and the winning names will be randomly selected later that same day.
One last bump but I assume that Nathan will give it another one himself tomorrow.
This contest has ended. The winners have been announced.

Thanks for playing!
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