Does anyone know anything about this maker?
Hi all ^^

A fellow viking bought a blunt viking sword at a market a few years ago, but all we know about the maker is the stamp on the blade. Anyone have any idea of who it might be?

The sword is quite heavy, with thick hilt components.

The 5-leaf clover is Pavel Moc:

I have a Talhoffer longsword made by him and I am very happy with it. IMHO he is one of the better eastern European sword makers.
sword ID
Hey Sander, is that Talhoffer sword that you own a blunt? I'v been in search for that style of sword that is safe for WMA for awhile now.
Yes, it's a blunt. I bought it second hand from one of the members here and I am extremely happy with it. Most of my WMA group use swords from Kovex Ars and Jiri Krondak. My Pavel Moc is surprisingly light and nimble compared to them.
I used to train with a Viollet when I was in Europe and loved it. In the US I have been training with an Albion Liechtenauer and really preferred the Pavel Moc. The balance and overall feel of the sword was quite lovely, very like a historical sharp.
Thanks for the replies guys =)

I think he will be happy to hear that it's a Pavel Moc sword.

It's quite a bit heavier than my Binns though, hehe ^^

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