Hook & loop for scabbard suspension
Hi all,

I'm having a scabbard made (mid-15th-century German longsword suspension), and I'm trying to replicate the hook-and-eye fastener seen on Albion's Brescia Spadona and Regent scabbards.

The scabbard maker I'm using doesn't have this hardware on hand, so I'll be ordering from another site, and having these items sent to him for inclusion in the project. I've looked through a number of supplier sites, chiefly:
...and, although I've found many buckles and strap ends, I haven't had any luck finding this type of hook-and-eye hardware. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find something similar?

I'm getting to the point where I might consider going with *gulp* a cow hitch on the bight, instead of the hook-and-eye set-up. I haven't been able to locate any period artwork that would suggest this (cow hitch) is in any way historically accurate, but at least it's inobtrusive and I can easily swap it out later, when I find the right fittings.

Cheers & thanks in advance!

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The hook-and-eye detail from the Regent scabbard

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A cow hitch :(
I recently ran into the same problem... I had a commission for the same type of suspension and couldn't find the hardware for a while. Some of the places you mentioned do custom casting, but that gets expensive. I ordered the "hook and loop" as well as the two buckles and strap end from http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/. Scott was quite helpfull, getting bronze for me for the hardware and overnighting it when it was done. You will probobally have to email him about it, I don't think it was on his site anywhere. I can't tell you the price either as I don't remember it. They are cut out and, if purchased rough, do require a lot of work. I spent time on mine faceting the edges to match the faceted pommel of the sword, time consuming... but worthwhile. You can also buy them pre-finished for a bit more...
Can someone post a close up of this? It is difficult to see exactly how it is configured?

Thanks in advance.
Hook & loop for scabbard suspension
Hadrian > Thanks for the lead! I don't see anything that matches the hook and loop description on the Darkwood Armory site at the moment, but I'll call Scott tomorrow and see what can be had.

Richard > We'll have to rely on those that have this scabbard in their possession (unfortunately, I'm not among that group), because, as far as I can tell the photo above is the "closest-up" shot available on the Albion site. :(

Cheer & thanks,
I found the page to reference http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/index.php?main_...cts_id=182 when asking Scott.
Hadrian Coffin wrote:
I found the page to reference http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/index.php?main_...cts_id=182 when asking Scott.
That's a big help , Hadrian -- thanks again!

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