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In 1410, Fiore dei Liberi, an aging condottiero and master-at-arms to some of Italy’s most renowned warriors, presented a book to the bellicose Niccolò III d’Este, Marchese of Ferrara (1383-1441) containing the sum of four decades of knowledge won in the training hall, siege, battle and five duels with rival masters. He named this work Il Fior di Battaglia, the Flower of Battle, composed so that the “art might not be forgotten”.

Six hundred years later, a small gathering of martial artists from around the world will prove him right!

The Chicago Swordplay Guild is pleased to host this invitational, three day event in honor of Maestro Fiore and his Art. The schedule of events includes:

Classes taught by an international slate of instructors:

* Bob Charrette, LaBelle Compagnie (USA)
* Sean Hayes, Northwest Academy of Arms (USA)
* Mark Lancaster, The Exiles – Company of Medieval Martial Artists (UK)
* Rob Lovett, The Exiles – Company of Medieval Martial Artists (UK)
* Gregory Mele, Chicago Swordplay Guild (USA)
* Roger Siggs, Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild (USA)
* Guy Windsor begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, School of European Swordsmanship (Finland)

Located at the picturesque DeKoven Center, home to the Western Martial Arts Workshop, the conference is a retreat with attendance limited to the 60 students that DeKoven can host. Your registration fee includes entry, lodging and all nine, hot meals.

This is a unique event and a unique opportunity to train in a private environment with some of the most renowned, modern teachers of the art of Armizare. Act now, because spaces have been going fast. We look forward to crossing swords with you!

Full class descriptions and registration details can be found online at: