Opinions on a book sought - Arms, Armour and Base-Metalwork
Claude Blair - Arms, Armour and Base-Metalwork [The James A. de Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor]

I'm having a tough time finding out what's between the covers of this book.. If anyone has it, please post your opinions.
Blair's book 'Arms, Armour etc at Waddesdon Manor'
Hi Dimitry,
This is an excellent book: 184 items of armour, swords, daggers, guns, pistols, flasks etc, all with photos (many in colour), described over 400 pages plus 50 items of cutlery etc over 80 pages, plus glossary and selection of marks. It must be well out-of-print now (published 1974) but if you can find a copy at a reasonable price go for it.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes
This book is definitely worth getting. It has an impressive number of armourer's marks listed as well as inscriptions, from the popular to the obscure. The down side is the cost of the book, it can be hundreds of dollars...
This book is on two myArmoury member reading lists. Unfortunately, there are no reviews. Try PMing JE Sarge to gather his opinion.

<edit> I see that Don has already replied
Frankly, I didn't find it 'anything to write home about'. It is a catalog of the collection of a wealthy English woman, who really did not collect arms and armour in a serious fashion. The armour is really not much, except an odd item or two that were bits belonging to armours of Emperor Charles V, and the weapons were mostly late. It is mostly about base - metal work. Of course, if your interest in antiques is broader than mine (when it comes to expensive books, anyway), it may be worth your while. Just not when it comes to armour and blade weapons.

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