Viking Single Edged Wheeler Type VII from White Well Arms
Here is a Sword from the 10th century. that i was given the task of reproducing from the original.

I have posted the original image along with the final product.

Broad blade double edged toward the rounded point, with the back edge drifting out towards a third of the way up the blade, and with a wide shallow fuller along the back edge of each side , hilt comprising of thick arched cross piece of oval section, inlaid with numerous flat silver roundels on each side, flat tapering tang and lobated pommel incised with pairs of lines and decorated en suite with the cross piece around the base.

78.5cm blade.

I have made a slight alteration to the dimensions, the scale from image to full size was to 4.8. The grip measured approximatly 3.5inches which wouldn't be comfortable for the customer to hold, after discussing this with the customer i added another inch to the grip. At this point i also discussed the grip and decided on the antler and steel rings.
The 'gypsy fittings' ( the holes bored into the pommel and crossguard) were originally silver fitted but after a conversation with the customer he decided upon sourcing his own gold and fitting them personally. Being why they are left unfinished.

The construction of everything was completely from scratch using the forge, the anvil, and a lot of careful grinding drilling and polishing.

thank you for your interest


White Well Arms
White Rose Armoury

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Beautiful work, congratulations on an incredible job!

I read the description of the grip and furniture and I must admit that until you mentioned it I would have never taken the grip for antler. The photo either deceives my eyes or my computer because I thought it was some sort of irregularly textured metal (silver?) grip. Would it be possible for you to give us a better picture of the grip and hilt components?


here is a possibly better image of the hilt.

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my armoury sv 1.JPG

Thanks for the photo, I have a much better sense of the sword now. OK, from the blade and grip length I'm guessing the sword is about 38 inches in total length, how much does it weigh? It appears massive. It is indeed an impressive sword and I can imagine when the client adds to gold it will be even more so.


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