Kit for Albion's The Count?
For the two of you keeping score, I changed my mind... again (due in large part to never getting a response from OlliN). And went with Albion's The Count.

So, now I have the sword (absolutely gorgeous and Mike Sigman at Albion really put in the extra effort for me to get the sword close to my birthday). I have my place reserved in line for a scabbard from Brian K's apprentice and I'm curious... what sort of kit would be appropriate dressing for this sword? My primary areas of interest that overlap the use of swords like the Count are the 12th and 13th Centuries and, geographically, Northern Germany, the Baltic, and Scandinavia and the Latin Kingdoms of the Middle-East. I should point out, that I would prefer to start with a more infantry-oriented kit, which my understanding of Medieval Scandinavian warfare suggests that this should dove-tail well with my historical/geographical interests and eventually build my way toward a mounted man-at-arms (although that time will be far into the future, when I own land and horses).

So, my initial thoughts are these:

Hose or chausses
Undertunic (linen)
Gambeson/aketon (quilted armor/underarmor)
Maille hauberk or haubergon
Slender buckled belt
Quilted coif
Maille coif
Chapel de fer or "Norman" helm
Turn shoes/turn boots/ankle boots

Spear (I have A&A's "12th Century Spear")
"Heater"-type shield

Am I missing anything (like a surcoat)?

For the Count itself, I assume that the scabbard ought to be of the integral suspension variety, but ought it be secured by thongs or buckle? Should there be a rainguard? Metal locket? &c.?

Are there any sources I should look at or to for more information?

Are there any retailers I should look at, in particular, for procuring certain pieces of kit?

Thank you (once again) for your time!
Congrats Joshua!

The Count is such an attractive sword. One of Albion's most elegant I think.

What grip color did you get. I would have chosen red.
Went black with a steel pommel. I like the combination. I did consider doing green grips with the bronze pommel and going down a more Green Knight-ish route with the kit, but... I really can't grow the beard to go with that!
Should I have titled this thread, "13th Century Scandinavia/Crusader Infantry Kit"?

Not trying to be critical. I just cannot help but feel that my title might simply not be catching the right eyes.
Joshua R wrote:
Should I have titled this thread, "13th Century Scandinavia/Crusader Infantry....."?

That would be an interesting topic by itself, if you have any information to share about it. The "Franks and French" are more commonly mentioned as participants. Some of these were of Eastern German-Prussian regions. I have not read much of Scandinavians on crusade in 13th century, but figure at least some probably did.
I did not mean a Scandinavian Crusader so much as Scandinavian and/or Crusader. Sorry for the confusion!

I wish I knew enough to be of help to the learned forum users, here, but unfortunately, I do not. :cry:
You might look at Baltic Crusades.
Brothers of the Sword had a Danish - Danish Estonia association.
For the late civil war era in Norwegian history and/or the Scottish-Norwegian War would this helm and this shield be appropriate?

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