Ailette Dimensions
I'm thinking about making a set of ailettes for my late 13th century kit, and was curious about the dimensions. An article on Arador Armour Library suggests 7"x10", but when I cut out a template, that seems really big. Can anyone out there with ailettes on their kit tell me how big theirs are? Also, do you point them where the shoulder rounds (like where the top of a spaulder would hit), or is it more on the flat of the shoulder? Thanks.
I was just curious what you are making these from? Heavy leather or a wood board faced or even totally covered in leather? I am thinking of either making a pair myself or having a pair made for myself. I am also interested in seeing how you will point these.

That is a good question, Scott. Arador says they were made from parchment, leather, or plate, and I came across this link: which suggests plate over a thin wooden base, wrapped in linen. I was leaning more toward cuir buil, or plate (seems pretty easy to cut out a rectangle), but I'm still hoping to get more info. As for pointing, it looks like the guy on the above link points his on the flat of the shoulder, and the effigies on Gothic Eye seem to show that as well, but again, any information would be greatly appreciated.
So you are thinking of going with a plate of some kind. I am looking forwards to seeing what you come up with. My thought was to have one of Merc Tailor's Copp II underneath the ailette and pointing through that. That way the ailette could cover the shoulder protection as well as add to it.

Yeah, a plate with a bit of leather underneath for padding, unless that's way off (hint, hint to anyone out there with ailettes on their kit ;) ). A copp II would work, but I was thinking of doing something more like this
The picture in the link of the effigy would work as well with the besegues (SP?). Do you happen to know the dating of the effigy? Though I think they came into use towards the end of the first quarter of the 14th century or possibly even later. My main thinking with the MT Copp II's was that they would be partially concealed by the ailettes.
The caption dates the effigy at 1320. I like the idea of the coppII, and you sure can't beat that price!

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