Kudos to Albion too
With Arms and Armor in the spotlight for amazing customer service (and rightly so!), I thought I'd bring up another major maker that deserves the same praise--Albion. A&A and Albion are competitors, but only a little bit, as their product lines don't overlap very much. Their lineups compliment each other, and this is a very good thing for us consumers. We don't have to have one or the other, we can have both (and I sincerely hope both will weather this economic downturn, as losing either one would be a tragedy for the community).

We are also fortunate that both of our top two makers go above and beyond to stand behind their products and customers. Albion's commitment to their customers is also unreal, and I have been on the recieving end of this support from both of these makers in the last few months. I can only say that if every company on the planet acted as honorably as these two we would have a lot less problems in the world.

So kudos to Albion! They deserve it! If I was president, I would declare these two companies national treasures.
Michael Edelson for President!!! National treasures recieve some Federal funding I think. :cool:
Seconded; Albion is a great company that makes a great product. They have always been willing to work with me in terms of a payment plan (important as a college student), and been happy to answer my questions. :D
Iíve already possess 11 swords from Albion (7 sharps and 4 training swords),
and as an martial artist and instructor of historical European martial arts I learn from every new sword more and more about subtle specifics of this weapon.
For me this fine "re-creations" are the major key with which to unlock the wisdom of medieval fight masters.
In my humble opinion Albion makes the finest medieval swords in the production world in terms of historical accuracy, aesthetics and craftsmanship.
So I wish to express my sincere thanks to Peter Johnson, Albion craftsmen, Mike and particularly Soeren from Albion Europe for his great customer service!!

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