Does anyone read Georgian?
I have just discovered the mystery script to my sword! Its GEORGIAN!
Not only that but so is the blade. Can anyone translate:

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mystery sword 4.jpg

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Is the picture the right way up?
That isn't Georgian. It looks more like Arabic but not quite with the first few characters being numbers. Arabic script can get pretty funky and hard to read. It might be an arabic inspired script like Persian which I am not familiar with. Are you certain of a Georgian origin for the piece? Or even Caucasian? If so Persian and Arabic import blades would be very common and though I am not remotely familiar with Chechen, Ingush or Dagestani languages I would expect them to be of Caucasian structure with Arabic/Persian characters and loan words.
Well It has been nixed to being arabic by two jordanian businessmen Allen. Also the complete blade is pretty close along the lines of a georgian sword . If you look on the thread "18th century american sword" on the historical arms forum you can see a pic of my sword and a georgian sword in my last entry. However, anything you can find out would be most appreciated. If you can find anyone who can read it and identify it, that would be great!
Well, if it helps, I'm a practicing Muslim in a predominantly Muslim country and so is required to have at least some rudimentary ability in reading Arabic, but (to confirm what everybody else has already said) the inscriptions don't look like any sort of Arabic I've ever seen. Georgian (or some other Caucasian language) sounds like a reasonable guess.
A Georgian language instructor at Columbia nixed it being Georgian. A thread about the sword the inscription is on can be read at:

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