viking arrow making
hi all
i want to know everything there is to know about making arrows from the viking period. i know they are different from later medieval ones so can anyone help me with this? i know a bit on them but want to be fully sure
i mean everything materials methods of doing it everything
thanks in advance for any help
Arrowheads were found in Coppergate as part of the York digs, these are documented in "AY17/6: Anglo-Scandinavian Ironwork from Coppergate" by Patrick Ottaway, this has a good description of the hardnesses and construction of these.

Good news is that the book seems to be back in print. So if you can't find it in a local library you stand a good chance of being able to get hold of a copy.

The Hurstwic site has some good general information.

There is arrowhead information here:

Info on arrow binding here:

Marc Blaydoe
Govt Engineer/Seasonal Viking Ship crewman

i know a guy here in Austria who does replikas from diverent periods...maybe talk to him ?

the most radical diference between viking age and medevial arrows is that viking age arrows use a tang construction rather than the later socket design.

here is a selection of pictures form the norwegian university museums database;
thanks guys i have good resources already on arrow heads shaft sizes and so on what i really need now is
a list of materials tools and general methods of doing this.
putting on fletching is fine but how would the hole be made for those arrows in the first place?
how were arrows tapered and even made from the wood itself
how were the heads binded on a what with
how were nocks made as they had no horn placed in them how were they made then?

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