i'm searching for some pics of two interesting basket hilt
i have found it in the album section, i'm just wondering if someone can provide me with some better pics or links.



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Hi Gabrielle,
The first photo is (I think) from and old Arms and Armour Society Newsletter. Thomas MacDonald sent me a photo of that one just because it was so odd. I'll take a look in my files to see if I have a copy of the article.

The second basket I know well, as it's in my collection of antiques! The blade is very corroded, especially at the tip, but it's about 32" long. POB is only 1-2" (2.5-5cm) from the hilt. The blade had apparently broken at the hilt, and has been repaired during it's working life by inserting the blade into a slot in the new tang, and then hammer welding. Total weight of the sword is about 2 pounds.

On the second one, why is the grip sp mush shorter than the tang? Is something missing, or is pommel hollow and part of the grip is inside of it?
Hi Mr.Erickson,

it would be great if you could post some additional pics of te two hilt, the first one is very interesting i would like to have a better views of the fillers in front of the hilt, the one in your collection is very nice, hope that you you have some additonal photos.


just one thing completely off topic, my name is Gabriele, is the italian version of Gabriel, please don't spell it as Gabrielle that is a female name :)
Hello Gabriele (note that I didn't turn you into a female this time!),
I found the article in which the first baskethilt of your post is illustrated, but it's not much help, and has no additional photos. The article is in the catalog of the 13th Park Lane Arms Fair in 2003, and is entitled "Observations on some blades found in Scottish Basket hilted Swords". The most interesting thing is that the blade has a reinforcing strip rivetted in place, probably to stiffen the blade in its upper half: this is what looks like a very deep fuller in the photo.

I have no other photos of the sword in my collection at hand.

The grip is short probably because its a replacement. But why whoever did the work only made half a grip is beyond me! Someday I'll unscrew the capstan and do a complete wooden replacement.

Hello Mr. Erickson,

thanks for looking, i was just curious because i believe that i have all the major source for the early basket hilt and i have not seen it included in any books, just wondering about the reason. about the one in your collection do you have some pics? remember that i'm in you waiting list for the 2014, may be that i could ask you just an hilt of that kind!

(and thank you for having spelt my name correctly! :)


Hi Gabriele,
I'll take a look around, but I don't think that I have any more photos of the sword in my collection. However, when I got the sword, I made multiple sketches because I thought it would make a good one to reproduce, so if you'd like that hilt, I've got all the info that I'd need to make it for you. Of course, if you change your mind between now and 2014 and want a different hilt, that's no problem , either!


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