I actually came to this web site initially simply to gather information to complete my kit, leaning to purchasing historically and time period correct weapons. However in reading here and viewing various projects here, I was inspired to try my hand at it.

The following results are my interpretation of what might have been produced with materials at hand for a sgian dubh. Found in the user album area http://www.myArmoury.com/albums/photo/13866.htm

The only power equipment used in production was a Delta low speed sharpening station for roughing out the initial blank, and a disk grinder which was used to quickly grind out the teeth on the much abused file.

The rest of the work was done with hacksaw, hand brace, hand files, a small wood chisel, and various grades of emery cloth/paper. The heat treating was done with a propane torch with the blade being quenched cutting edge first into oil. (Toughest part of the process for me.. the colour change in the blade was more rapid than I expected, but I have good straw colour at the thinnest part of the blade).


And above all Suggestions for improvement

Thanks to all the contributors here