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I'm saving up for a new Scottish basket hilted broadsword commission so I'm going to be thinning out the heard a little bit. I have an ATrim 1314/1321 blade mounted to a hand made handle and set of furniture. I believe this one was a home project by Justin King but it turned out so well that it's been one of my favorites for a while now because nobody has anything quite like it.

It feels really good when dry-handled and the handle/blade proportions are perfect to my tastes. The fittings are mild steel, etched to a subtle grey color. The grip is cocobolo in a wasted design. Everything is very tightly fitted and it is dismountable by means of a spherical tang nut.

To my knowledge, it has never been cut with and the condition is as-new.

40-7/8" overall
32 1/2" blade
6" grip (8" including the pommel)
2 lbs 10.3 oz.
POB is 5" from the back/grip side of the guard.

I'm looking for $495USD which includes shipping in the CONUS and Paypal fees.