Reiver arms etc.
I'm a new member here and am researching what I should know concerning Borders area and Reiver arms. I'm a newly made Commissioner for our clan society and am trying to locate good photos and information. Could anyone put me on the right path. I also at sometime would like to acquire some quality replicas of these items to add to our display at games/events. Once again, any direction to some quality replicas would be appreciated. As I understand I probably would be looking for info etc. on early basket hilts without the later fancy trimmings. I'm truly a novice at all this and appreciate any and all help.

Steve Hall
Heres a quick link, on my way out the door-
Some good general info and some examples of weapons
If you don't have a copy of the Steel Bonnets its an absolute must imo.

Reading through that and other historical accounts it becomes obvious that as far as weapons go for that 16th, early 17th c time, it was more or less anything goes. A lot of the border raids involved men on horseback simply armed with spears/lances and a dirk or other short sword and later on, a pistol or two. During the Elizabethan Wars in Ireland during the same time frame, the majority of English soldiers were armed primarily with a pole arm or pike/spear and a dirk. Most of the common soldiers didn't have swords, but as far as swords go, I would think anything late 16th c would work, although basket hilted swords were probably few and owned by the higher status folks and rapiers were probably just as common if not more common than baskethilted broadswords. tr
Thanks guys for the info. I had previously bookmarked the Borderers site and I have read "The Steel Bonnets" and have one on order. In the last couple of days I've looked at several references and am beginning to have a better idea as to what I need to know. Do either of you or anyone else have a suggestion as to a quality replica source?

Thanks again,
For a sword, I think your best bet by far would be to contact E.B. Erickson and have him make something appropriate for you. I'm not aware of anything very accurate off-the-shelf. You'd probably have to wait a couple of years for delivery, but his prices are quite fair and the quality will be outstanding.

If you don't already have it, the Osprey book on the Reivers is worth getting.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I've looked at the Osprey book in Amazon and it's on my list. I'm seeing quite a few reiver books over in the UK, but not too many here.
Steve Hall wrote:
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I've looked at the Osprey book in Amazon and it's on my list. I'm seeing quite a few reiver books over in the UK, but not too many here.

Take a look at Unicorn, Ltd's web site if you haven't already done so. They are one of the largest sellers of books on Scottish-Irish-Celtic subjects in the US. Books from the UK are frequently out of print and even some classics like The Steel Bonnets can be hard to find at times. The Steel Bonnets probably covers the story of the border reivers as well as any work out there but parts of it can be tough reading. It is also hard to sort out all the "Watts and Willies" who feature in border history. Do get a copy however.

Congratulations on your elevation to commissioner, which now entitles you to work yourself to death at various Scottish festivals and be the target of faint praise and criticism for your efforts. I did it for the Clan Gunn for 15 years so can speak with some authority. However, it is rewarding and even fun some times! Good luck.

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