Great Helm Feature (Where are the pictures from?)
Recent new member to the site. Enjoying lots of it.

I was looking at the Great Helm Feature from 2007 and was wondering where the pictures for the "Transitional Helms" , particularly the one labeled "Rudimentary helms, circa 1207", are from (or are off). Particularly any larger images of it would be great.

Thanks. I'm planning on making my own replica of it.

I couldn't find any other posts about this, but sorry over any potential duplication.
Welcome. :) Glad you enjoy the article. The text identifies the image when it says:

At the end of the first quarter of the thirteenth century, it became common for these masked helms to also include protection for the back of the neck in the form of an extension to the helm's back or a separate plate affixed for that purpose, like the rudimentary great helms seen on the Aachen Cathedral's Silver Shrine of Charlemagne (circa 1207).

So that image is from the Silver Shrine of Charlemagne at Aachen Cathedral. It's been published in some arms and armour books and the image can be found elsewhere as well.
Thank you I guess I should have reread the feature a few more times.

Is anybody able to recommend a book (or a website) that would have a detailed or close up picture of the those helmets, particularly the right one so i can see the breaths.

The picture is very difficult to tell from, the left one appears to have at least 1 vertical breath, while the right might have 2 or 3 on each side.

The only other picture (on the internet) I have been able to find of this Plate/Side/Scene of the shrine is the following two images and

Sorry to keep being a bother, I realize now this might be better suited to a different sub forum as it is no longer about the feature but an image in it

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