Volund Forge (Michael Pikula) custom spear
I have just received a spear head completed by Michael Pikula, it was inspired by a piece in the Met. I must recommend Michael highly, his work and communication have been top notch. The spear head is a much simplified version of the Met piece with a few other inspirations mixed in. I believe that Michael has captured the feel of a quality hunting arm with this piece, sorry for the poor quality photos, I've just a point and shoot.

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Wow, great looking piece! Congrats to both of you...to you for a very nice acquisition and to Michael on another top notch piece of work,
That's very good looking work and maybe you can give us some more details on the decoration, dimensions etc ....

I have an " Épieu de guerre " in the process of being designed/made and this is very encouraging about how nice it will end up being. :D

" Épieu de Guerre " is French for War Boar Spear or a type of Winged Spear or Partisan.
I am sure you will be very happy with it, Michaels' work is first rate.

Thanks, Michael made my first total custom order a pleasure.

Now, as Jean suggested, some more information, the head is 14-1/8" long, 12" to the wings, which are a touch over 3-1/2" wide. The blade has a max width of 1-3/4" and a max thickness of about 5/16". Socket depth is 3" and a diameter of 1", weight is an even 1-1/2lbs. The decoration is a combination of filework on the wings and base collar which also has a hard bronze inlay. The inlay is matched with a chevron inlaid on the blade, this was one of the most attractive features of the Met piece for me. The simplified version that Michael came up with is my favorite feature of this piece.
That is a thing of beauty! It's great to see some more work from Michael too! I am a big fan of his for the excellent work he has done for me in the past. This is a gorgeous spearhead, I love the chevron too! Do you have any pics of the original?
That spear head is fantastic...congratulations!
:eek: Wow Jason! You are one very lucky man. That is a great looking spearhead that I cannot wait to see on a shaft. If I am reading correctly the inside diameter is 1". What kind of shaft are you going to mount it on and how long will it be?

I also have to say to Michael, that is some great work. I really enjoy seeing what you are producing. Now if only the economy would pick up some.

Beautiful piece!!!
That's a beautifully proportioned piece, congratulations.
Sorry, out of town for a few days, the main inspiration was this piece. I believe that Michael did an excellent job in making it look like a new unworn example of the original, less ornate, but from the same workshop perhaps. I hope to have it hafted by the end of the weekend, I have roughed out a matching octagonal shaft around 6' tall.

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Very nice. Seeing the original puts into perspective what a great job Michael did! Enjoy this beautiful piece and please post up some pics when it's hafted!
Life got in the way for a bit, I fitted the haft this evening, there is still a bit of fine tuning left to do, a pin and a linseed oil finish but this gives the general idea of the finished product.

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Looks great now that it's hafted. I think the linseed oil will make it look even better, the wood is a bit light in color for my taste! How does it feel on the haft?
The handling is quite surprising, the head has enough mass that you always know where it is without looking but is light enough to allow wickedly fast motion. The octagonal shaft adds hugely to the handling, you always know the orientation of the head without looking and the facets allow you to clamp down so the shaft remains in your hands without a slip. The more that I handle this piece the more I like it.

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