I'm making a Joust Documentary
Hi all, I'm a doco film maker from Australia, I'm in pre production on my next doco about modern day jousting. My last doco was about WWII Spitfires (Spitfire Guardians aired on the History Channel) and this one is following my interests in medieval armour and weapons. Basically I'm asking what is it the community wants to know about from a doco on this subject.

I'm covering two international joust competitions I can get to, so I'll be able to get inside the world of competitive jousting.

I want to know about the competitors, their horses, their armour, the equipment used, the construction of their kits and harnesses, the training, the rules of the competition, the psychology of the modern jouster.

So this is what I want to cover in the doco, and I've been given access to all elements of these tournaments, so I ask you, the community,
What questions do you have about this subculture and world that you would ask of these people. I'll actually ask these questions of the competitors, I'll focus on any suggested areas you may have. Since it's in preproduction, I'm using this area to research what it is that the arms and armour community want to know, and I'll cover it!

So post your questions and areas of interest and I'll begin planning on getting the footage and interviews with them in mind!

I'll keep you all posted on how it's progressing too, so I can show you the process of creating the doco,


Simon VDS
Simon, the man you want to talk to over in your corner of the world is Rod Walker. He posts here infrequently (might try sending him a PM), but there is none better to give you some insight into your project. Rod and his wife, Michelle, know the business better than most.

Thanks Jonathan, I'm actually collaborating with Rod and Michelle, plus Callum Forbes in NZ, it's those two tournaments next year that i'm covering. I'm just doing more research based off what people want to know about jousting, I know what I want to cover, but I don't want to miss an angle I haven' t thought of, so I thought I'd appeal to the audience I'll be making it for, what would you like me to cover? Looking forward to your replies

Doco Trailer
Hi All, just an update, we've got a video of the Doco Trailer up for viewing, I'd love to get this community's response to the video found here www.thrualensmedia.com.au/fulltilt.html

Talk soon guys

Simon Van Der Spoel
Whoa, and that's why I want to do that when I have the money and experiance! Great stuff, maybe SBS or ABC2 would screen it :lol:
I would be most interested in the nature of injuries, and related safety provisions of the lance and armour used. This might be interesting to compare to historical period accounts of injuries from; blunt trauma and broken neck or internal bleeding, heat exhaustion from the duration of wearing the armour while waiting for a turn, splinters through helmet eye slits, falls from the horse, etc. A small amount of historical information (obituary style) exists about it, but not a lot with respect to modern recreation of the same problems. Rod Walker has previously commented and provided links to video illustrating the significance of percussive impact when a successful lance strike occurs in today's re-enactment.

It may be worth distinguishing which type of joust situation you are addressing. There were tournament jousts conducted as exhibitions prior to melee, joust only contests, hastiludes in supposedly safe armour and weapons, challengers to all comers, and feats of arms or duels to the death where failures to physically kill or disable an opponent with the lance would result in a progression to a couple of successive weapons on foot. The real Ulrich Von Lichtenstein, in his autobiography, referenced 7 different styles of jousting that existed during his carreer, several of which are no longer understood in terms of meaning with certainty. Within the span of a couple of centuries and a few countries, the implications could be greatly different.
Updated Trailer
Hi guys, new trailer up with actual interviews - www.thrualensmedia.com.au/mountedsteel.html

Some discussion on injuries as well if your interested.


Simon VDS
If the link doesn't work it's now on youtube here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIqrkN29HVQ

I look forward to your comments


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