New Breed of Nylon Waster?
Hi Guys

I have just come across a range of nylon wasters on a U.K. site and was wondering if anybody here has had a play with any?

They look really professionally done and the weights and balance seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. I would like to hear from anybody who has one before I order one.

Thank you in advance

These swords were designed by Dave Rawlings of Boarstooth Fight School

I had a chance to play around with the the prototypes while I was visiting with him this summer.

They are simply the best wasters on the market, hands down. They handle and balance like a real steel sword, while offering the safety factor of nylon. They are excellent in the bind and provide exactly what you want in a training sword.

They are suitable for both drilling and sparring. There is also another version with a non-nylon type of plastic that is designed more for sparring than drilling(it flexes more), but both are great for both.

I can't recommend these things enough.
These look good, especially since With Intent Wasters closed shop.

It's unfortunate that there's no American source for these now, they'll cost about $150+ US w/ shipping.

I have a few questions about them that I hope someone here can answer.

1) Is the grip hardware removable and if so how? I'd like to be able to put on a different guard, one with side rings.

2) The nylon wasters I've seen so far are described as essentially indestructible i.e they can withstand indefinite use on a pell. Is that so with both varieties of these as well?

3) Weights aren't listed for the sparring models - are those numbers available?

4) The weight and balance sound good - is there a core of something dense like steel or lead in the handle or blade?

5) Do fencing masks chew them up?

I hope someone in the US retails these; I'd love to see something like these become the standard for free fencing and competition.

Hmm... I'm getting seriously interested in these wasters.

They mention that they are about to launch a new generation which is even "vastly" better than the previous one.
Does anyone know more about this devellopment and does anyone have a clue about the e.t.a.?
ah yes these were the ones used in the Warriors TV show host by Terry Shapert (sp?) it was in the medieval knight episode.

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