For Sale: Henry V silver coin (c. 1413)
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This is an English silver coin (a penny, I believe) minted during the reign of Henry V. As with many hand-struck coins of the era, it is unevenly struck and not quite round. The obverse features what is supposed to be Henry himself though it looks nothing like what we see in period portraiture (that's fairly common). The coin weighs .8 grams and is ~17 mm wide at its widest.

This coin is a piece of history, minted during the reign of one of my favorite monarchs. I'm only selling it because I've found another coin from that reign and I can't afford to keep them both. :(

Asking $50 + s/h. Money order accepted, PayPal preferred (please add 3% for PayPal transactions).

The pictures below are from the seller who sold it to me.

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

A fair number of views, but not a lot of interest so far. Henry V's reign was short (9 years), so you can guess that there weren't as many coins minted during his reign as during a longer reign like that of Edward I or Edward III. So that makes them pretty rare.

I hunted for a long time for an affordable coin from this reign. Finding cleanly struck coins with easily identifiable images seems to be harder for this era than some others. When the images are clear and the coins more evenly struck the price is much, much higher. The coin that I found that is replacing this one in my collection is in better condition, but is smaller and was around 70% more expensive than this one...

So this is an entry-level coin for the Henry V era. Not as nice as more expensive coins, but much (perhaps much) less expensive. It does have some edge cracks, but it's stable and not falling apart.

I'll listen to reasonable financial offers on this one.

I love coins because it puts me more into the world of my ancestors. This coin was held in the hands of people in the 15th century. Maybe it paid an archer on the Agincourt campaign. Maybe it was used in the markets of Calais by the English settlers (some would say invaders). Who knows? That's what fascinates me about stuff like this.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

How about $45 or best offer (+ s/h) for this genuine 15th century artifact?

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